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PS Ball

PS ball - (Precious Slag Ball) is produced by super cooling method of molten slag and in the same time transforming it into stable Spinel Structure. It is not only used in various specific uses, but also displaced with natural sand because of excellent physical properties.

Characteristics of PS balls:

PS Ball is widely used in many applications like Ship- building, Ship maintenance, Oil Storage Tank, Mega Bridge, Heavy Steel Structure, Oil Rig Platform, Petroleum Probe and etc., in cleaning and surface preparation. PS Balls are Eco friendly material which doesn't accept any toxic things because of its natural characteristic hardness, diameter in structure, shape, physical and chemical compositions.

The Spinal structure of PS Ball, Stabilized physical and chemical composition helps to eliminate the causes for pollution. PS Ball has better characteristics compared with sand on compressive strength, hardness and anti-weathering.

Blast Cleaning Application:

PS Ball – Because of its characteristic, it provides a perfect atomizing of materials size, density, hardness and durability. Hence, the efficiency of abrasive reduces the consumption rate and increases the productivity as well as non-toxic environment status. PS Ball is an inexpensive material when we compared to other mineral materials. PS Ball can be recycled up to 3-4 times based on its surface toughness.

The reason why PS Ball processed with SAT is structurally stabilized:

Being processed with SAT, ions dissociated in ion form can be as stable oxide compound in Spinel Structure.

Spinel Structure with general chemical formula AB2O4 is octahedron shaped structure as illustration in which oxygen atom is almost filled with cube clise packed packing that is the structure with B atom surrounding 6 oxygen atoms in octahedron and with Atom surrounding 4 oxygen atoms.

There is Spinel as typical example in this Spinel Structure. Such as this crystal generally has solidity 5.5~8, luster like glass and high index of reflection.

Colorless and transparent one is very solid, weathering proof and corrosion proof to the extent that could be used as gem.

As the surface of this is formed with an oxide compound in Spinel Structure, ion or electron movings required in chemical reaction become difficult and therefore it forms stable compound and very strong resistance to chemical, physical cause as weathering. So, Spinel particles transformed from convert reactor slag with SAT doesn’t break out pollution problem.